Newts Voyage

Art Direction, Game UI, Graphic Design, Video

Newts Voyage Hero


I wore many hats during the development of this project. As Art Director I directed a very small team with limited assets and resources in turning this project into a reality. I created the UI, launch trailer, many of the levels, and the promotional materials for this project. The timeline for development was extremely short, so working efficiently to make the most of our time was paramount.

Newt's Voyage is available to play for free on Steam, Google Play Store, and Apple Store!

Newts Screenshot 01

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

I'm a huge fan of games that have a really high skill ceiling, so by using different level and ship types, I was able to help create an experience that checked that box for me. At the same time, the game remained appealing to a player who has less gaming experience and prefers a more chill play experience.

Newts Screenshot 01 Newts Screenshot 01 Newts Screenshot 01 Newts Screenshot 01


The soundtrack for Newt's Voyage was provided by the incredibly talented electronic music artist Hubrid. Head over to their bandcamp page and listen to more of their awesome discography.