Lifespan Game

Art Direction, Game UI, Graphic Design

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Lifespan Traveler

This game, built for the WebGL platform, takes players through 14 different levels where they assume the role of a person at different stages throughout the human lifespan.

As Art Director for this project it was my job to direct a small team of artists in creating immersive, detailed environments and characters that all had their own unique flavor while still maintaining the feeling of being part of the same universe. I created various forms of documentation and styleguides to assist in this pursuit. Pushing the boundaries of what is achievable visually while still remaining performant on a limited platform like WebGL was quite the balancing act.

Lifespan Game Carnival Level
Lifespan Game Beach Level
Lifespan Game Casino Level Lifespan Game Halloween Level Lifespan Game Hospital Level Lifespan Game Museum Level Lifespan Game Military Level Lifespan Game Infancy Level

Accessible, Responsive UI

In addition to being Art Director for this project, I was also the UI designer. Building a responsive UI that met strict accessibility standards was a high-priority item for the client. I created and animated the UI inside of the Unity game engine. It meets specified accessibility standards and also works across all screen sizes and device types.

Lifespan Game Level Select Gif Lifespan Game Responsive Example Lifespan Game Got Candy
Lifespan Game Icon Set