Branding, Identity, Web

A revitalized vision from the ground up.

Developing a brand is a hard thing to do well. Putting thought and care into turning the vision and concept of a client's business into something tangible and effective takes a lot of work and iteration. The Learning Games Network is a very special place. I had the privilege to work along side some incredibly talented and inspiring people as we worked together to try and use games to change how people of all ages learn.

Visual Storytelling

The old LGN brand was clean, but uninspired and didnt communicate very well to those unfamiliar with who and what LGN was. The challenge here was how to create a logo that was clean, contemporary, and deep.

There were a lot of descriptive boxes I wanted to check when designing the icon in the new logo. The orange circle is a visual element I wanted to keep from the old brand. LGN has been around for a while and a lot of people are familiar with the old brand. To eliminate confusion I thought that was a nice way to let people know "hey, still the folks you know and love, just got a facelift is all"

LGN also does work with companies and institutions around the world. Network in this case is definitely the real deal.The connected circular nodes are meant to symbolize networking. If you look closely those nodes they connect to form the shape of a cube. The cube is a block. LGN is helping to change the way people learn by making the building blocks of knowledge more effective through gaming. This brings me to the play arrow in the center of the cube. This symbolizes gameing and interactive media.