Vector, Composite


If you're not familiar already, do yourself a favor and check out Olan Rogers. Prepare for all kinds of laughs. When my co-pilot and I were trying to think of a name for our Jaeger there was only one thing we could think of that was so powerful it could defeat even a war witch that wielded the Amulet of the Lion's Blaze. The War Dance of Hammersnow has that power. We decided to call our Jaeger Hammersnow. And when we would wield Hammersnow to defeat our foes we exclaim "The War Dance Has Been Engaged!" just as Sir Luke John and Thuswindburn did as they attempted to defeat the war witch using this very same ability. The two-pilot system Jaegers require inspired the multi-colored design of this logo. Each pilot's helmet brandishes the logo in his color but the Jaeger itself shows them coming together to form the most formidable Jaeger in existence.