SpeedComp: EL27

Raster, Composite, Speed Practice


What is a SpeedComp? A speedcomp is where I grab a few images and try and put something together as fast as I can that I like enough to use as my desktop background.

I'm a home-grown thoroughbred Wisconsinite. And that means I'm a die hard cheesehead. When Eddie Lacy burst onto the frozen tundra a few years ago I was blown away by his game. I loved how hard he ran. How it would take AT LEAST two or three guys to slow him down. I can't tell you how many times either I or someone I was watching the game with said "He runs like a beast!". That thought plus seeing his dreads made me immediately think of the Predator. I now know that his thing is The Hulk, but I made this first. Who knows, maybe an Eddie Lacy Hulk piece is on the way ;)