Core Skill Clinic

Branding, Vector


I have been truly blessed to have been given the chance to teach the best sport on earth to people willing and eager to learn it. The Core Skills Clinic is where my co-coach and best friend Matt teach adult skaters how to play. We start our 17-week sessions with the basics and by the end of the session we're covering complex systems. It truly is a very special place. As I always tell our players, I always leave this place with a big, fat smile on my face. If you're interested in finding out more, visit our page on the Sun Prairie Ice Arena site.


Some of our skaters have been and may never have the chance to play on the big stage for something that really means something to them. This is where the idea for the Hammersnow Cup game stemmed from. Coach Matt and I wanted to finish each session with something special. There are custom jerseys, refs, scorekeepers, announcers, medals, an MVP trophy, and the chance to get your name permanantely engrained on the Legendary Hammersnow Cup of Eternal Glory.

I design the logos for our jerseys and then a good buddy of mine screen prints them on jerseys for us. The challenge here is that I'm limited to six colors maximum. It's tough for a detail freak like me to do that but it turns into a fun challenge and all of them turned out amazing. Special thanks to Cuddlebear for printing these for us each session!

Inspiration credits: Kaiju, Captain America, Venom, Carnage, Iron Spider